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The K.E.M.P.
is a 108 day guided practice regimen developed by Kai together with the student.  The course is designed  for players  of all levels and requires a minimum time commitment  of 30 minutes a day.  You may choose one of three courses:  the "Bronze" course  costs 108 dollars for 108 days.  The "Silver" course costs $216 for 108 days.  The "Gold" course costs  $324 for 108 days of study.  
Students receive unlimited communication privilege with their teacher during this time.  Exchanges happen  via email,  audio and video clips as well as study documents, ear training exercises and you tube examples. 
Students get access to an online practice log, choosing an alias and getting a user name and password to access their data base.

The Kai Eckhardt Mentorship Program  has been successfully running since 2009. It is the only program available online of its kind.  In some cases Kai takes students who play other instruments besides the bass.  You are welcome to send an email to Kai to see if you qualify:     kaieckhardt@gmail.com 

As of 4/5/14 Choose one of three Courses:

Bronze        Silver          Gold

* To sign up  click on email address below and type "mentorship" as subject. 

* Interested, but not sure? Send your questions to Kai using the address email address below. 

- Watch Kai during a privte lesson work with his student 
- or atAmsterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands
  - or at the Golden Gate Bass Camp in San Francisco
      -Or at Victor Wooten's  Bass and Nature Camp. 


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